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2019 Scientific Conference on Management, Education and Psychology , Pages 151-158

Research on copyright protection of WeChat

Han Jiashan

Corresponding Author:

Han Jiashan

Since the coming of the era of media, which makes the copyright protection is not only confined to the print media industry, the copyright protection of the network environment is also nots allow to ignore. This article we take WeChat——the representative of the Internet revolution in China as the breakthrough point, first of all, through the data to demonstrate WeChat copyright protection, For WeChat point and object, Copyrights protection ground, contents and relief has carried on the deep discussion and definition. Secondly, this paper discusses the WeChat manifestation of copyright infringement, determination and responsibility, and from WeChat characteristics, copyright belong to determination and tort compensation and cost problem three aspects proposed the WeChat copyright protection. Finally, from the legislation, the network service providers, WeChat public number, the copyright owner and the reader's rights and obligations set out to put forward to solve copyright dilemma path to explore. Need five parties together for build respect WeChat copyright, WeChat copyright protection atmosphere, for WeChat copyright of building green and healthy environment.
WeChat; Copyright; The path to explore
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Han Jiashan. Research on copyright protection of WeChat. 2019 Scientific Conference on Management, Education and Psychology (SCMEP 2019). 2019, Vol.1: 151-158.