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2019 Asia-Pacific Forum on Economic and Social Development , Pages 184-189

BYD Financial Risk Early Warning Research

Lu Zhai, Yuze Li

Corresponding Author:

Lu Zhai

Under the macro background of severe deterioration of air quality, rapid development of science and technology and support of national policies, new energy vehicles have great potential for development, but the characteristics of large investment and unstable income in the early stage have made new energy automobile enterprises face high financial risks. This paper uses case analysis method, BYD Co., Ltd. as the research object, and builds a financial early warning model based on binomial logistic regression to warn BYD financial risks. It aims to provide effective advice for BYD and the new energy auto industry to control financial risks. The paper concludes that the BYD energy vehicle business has a promising future, but also faces serious financial risks. BYD should take timely measures to reduce financial risks and improve financial conditions.
New energy vehicles; BYD; financial risks; financial warning
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Lu Zhai, Yuze Li. BYD Financial Risk Early Warning Research. 2019 Asia-Pacific Forum on Economic and Social Development (APFESD 2019). 2019, Vol.2: 184-189.