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2019 International Conference on Advanced Education, Service and Management , Pages 151-154

Research on Business Management Accounting

Lingtao Li

Corresponding Author:

Lingtao Li

Management accounting in China is a continuous development process, whose application is of great significance to the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises. This paper first analyzes the present situation of the application of corporate management accounting in China, and then introduces the practical application of corporate management accounting. On this basis, it sanalyzes the successful experience of the enterprises. In combination with the company's successful experience in using management accounting, the thesis proposes that a sound management accounting environment should be established, high-quality management personnel should be trained, a sound enterprise management accounting mechanism and a scientific budget system should be established so as to build a relatively perfect management accounting system. The paper points out that the construction of management accounting with Chinese characteristics is the fundamental way for China to promote and develop management accounting.
Business Management; Accounting Problem; Research Method
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